Workforce Development

The Community Foundation’s Workforce Development Grant program supports scholarship opportunities for job training, education, or professional development programs.  Special emphasis will be placed on programs serving people with disabilities, high school juniors and seniors, non-traditional students, nonprofit professionals, and skilled professionals in fields that serve vulnerable populations in our community.

Priority is placed on the following types of services:

  • Work experiences that have components of occupational education.  These may include summer work experiences or pre-apprenticeship programs, internships, or job shadowing.
  • Occupational skills training, especially those certified with recognized industry credentials.
  • Education offered concurrently with other workforce activities and training for a specific occupation.
  • Leadership development, mentoring, or supportive services that provide assistance towards transitional employment, or further occupational education.

TO APPLY: Eligible public K-12 school, government agency, or a non-profit, tax exempt “public charity,” as defined in Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue must submit a Workforce Development Grant Application. The application deadline is October 1st each year.

Performance Reports:

Workforce Performance Report