Field of Interest Grants

Field of Interest Funds are established by donors to support a particular area of interest.  Within that subject area, the Foundation makes grants to the most appropriate organizations and projects serving that interest. Selection is guided by the Foundation’s Community Initiative Committee.

TO APPLY: Letters of Inquiry are accepted and reviewed quarterly.  The current application deadlines are on the 1st of January, April, July, and October.

Guidelines & Letter of Inquiry

Active Field of Interest Funds currently held by the Community Foundation:

  • The Albert Bailey Wicomico County Fund – established in 1999 to address pressing needs in Wicomico County.
  • The James Barrett Worcester County Fund – established in 2002 and later named in honor of Jim Barrett, this fund is to support faith based, educational, charitable, historical, cultural, aesthetic, or environmental organizations, for the benefit of individuals or institutions located in Worcester County, Maryland.
  • The Biron Fund for Wicomico County Needs – established in 2007 by the estate of Bobbi Biron to address the needs of Wicomico County.
  • The Handy Crisfield Improvement Fund – established in 2007 as part of the estate of John T. and Hannah Handy for “charitable purposes that improve the beauty, lifestyle and ambiance of the Town of Crisfield, or enhance the quality of life for its residents.”  Churches and political organizations are not eligible for grants.
  • The Fund for the Environment – established in 2006 to support environmental causes on the Lower Eastern Shore.
  • The Lower Shore Endowment for the Arts – established to support arts related programs in the Tri-County area.
  • The Katherine Ellen Brown Community Fund – established in 2010 for the purpose of supporting “educational, charitable, historical, cultural, artistic, or environmental purposes or such other good works for the benefit of individuals or institutions in Worcester County”.
  • The Somerset County Fund – established in 1999 for the purpose of providing support to programs and charitable institutions benefiting Somerset County.
  • The Quota Women and Children’s Fund – established in 1995 with the purpose to provide assistance to women and children who have been deprived of a decent standard of living, a safe home environment or an education because of poverty, abuse, or lack of opportunity.
  • The VFW Post #194 Fund – established in 1995 to further programs and projects for youth on the Lower Eastern Shore.
  • The Youth Foundation Fund – established in 1999 to support youth programs in the Tri-County area.