Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017

Beginning September 1, 2012 we went through a 6-month Strategic Planning process which was both comprehensive and inclusive. Now, we must be diligent in executing our strategies in order to accomplish the goals which have been carefully conceived and vetted.

Our new Mission Statement: Encourage philanthropy and strengthen our communities is at the center of our Strategic Plan.

A new Vision Statement: Increase annual grant making to $10 million by 2024 clearly depicts what our organization will be striving to achieve in the coming years.

Our new Values include: Integrity, Leadership, Collaboration, Transparency, Respect, and Accountability. These values set the expectation for how we behave as a business and as individuals.

Our new Slogan: Philanthropy is contagious… CATCH IT! is an invitation for everyone to be a philanthropist.

From our planning process six Pillars emerged to represent the key areas of the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore. Each Pillar is supported by a set of goals, objectives and tactics, and measures of success which, when fully implemented, will move the Foundation to its desired destination. For a description and detail on each of these pillars, click here.