Legacy Society

Gail-Widdowson-Ginny-Korff-Susan-PurnellThe Legacy Society recognizes all those who have informed the Community Foundation that they have included a gift to the Foundation in their will or through some other deferred giving plan.  Legacy Society members, through their planned gifts, contribute to the growth of the Foundation’s permanent endowment and by their example, encourages others to do the same.

Legacy Society members are recognized in the Foundation’s Annual Report, in other communications to donors, and at Foundation events throughout the year.  Legacy Society members enjoy all benefits extended to current donors by the Foundation.

To learn more about how you may become eligible to become a member of The Legacy Society; contact B.J. Summers, Director of Development and Donor Relations, at 410-742-9911 or e-mail bjsummers@cfes.org.  You may also complete the Membership Form, and return it to the Foundation.

Legacy Society Members

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Abercrombie, Sr.
Mrs. Nancy J. Adkins
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Almand
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Beach
Dr. and Mrs. Spicer Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Berry Sr.
Mr. Donald Booth
Ms. Ann Burns
Ms. Anne L. Collins
Colonel Robert W. Cook Ret.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Cooley
Ms. Fredericka E. Danielus
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Dashiell, Jr.
Dr. Carolyn J. Elmore
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Engberg
Mrs. Sarah Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Fahey
Ms. Jacqueline Fowler
Mr. Edward Gaylon
Mr. Charles G. Goslee
Mr. William G. Greenly
Drs. John and Kathleen Groutt
Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Hershey
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hickman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Johnson
Ms. Jean D. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. La Porte
Ms. Margaret Lankford
Dr. and Mrs. C. Rodney Layton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Mabe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Malone
Mr. and Mrs. P. Curtis Massey
Mrs. Susanne S. Morris
Ms. Mariuna Morrison
Ms. Eleanor W. Mulligan
Mr. and Mrs. Martin T. Neat
Ms. Ruth Nichols
Drs. Arthur and Susan North
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Perdue
Mr. Richard L. Polin
Mrs. Sally W. Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Robinson
Mr. Thomas Roe
Dr. and Mrs. George C. Rubenson
Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Shockley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Shockley
Mr. France E. Smith
Ms. Louise Smith
Mrs. Jean Stephanides
Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Theiss
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Thomas, Jr.
Ms. Sidne L. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Tremellen II
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Truitt
Mr. James Trader
Ms. Myrtle M. Wheatly
Dr. and Mrs. George I. Whitehead, III
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk W. Widdowson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wierman
Ms. Stephanie T. Willey
Dr. Carol Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Wojciechowski
Mrs. Elizabeth Wootten
Ms. Cathaleen Yow


Dr. Robert Adkins
Ms. Bobbi Biron
Mrs. Mildred Gassman
Mrs. Gladys Goslee
Mrs. Elizabeth Hall
Mr. James (Jay) Hancock
Mrs. Jane M. Hershey
Mrs. Marianna Holloway
Mr. W. Richard Holloway
Mrs. Virginia H. Korff
Mr. Richard M. Laws
Mrs. Ruth W. Laws
Mrs. Virginia B. Layfield
Ms. Alice Lincoln
Mr. Henry Nielsen
Mrs. Emma C. Roe
Mrs. Marilyn C. Seidel
Mr. Samuel W. Seidel
Dr. Marcus D. Stephanides
Ms. Amelia Gordon Ward
Ms. Marie M. Wilson
Mr. Richard S. Wootten, Sr.


Last updated 1/6/2016