Community Foundation Recognized for Compliance with National Standards

The Community Foundation of the
Eastern Shore has been recognized once again by the Council On Foundations for meeting the
highest national philanthropic standards for operational quality, integrity,
and accountability.  The organizational
and financial practices of the Foundation have been found in accordance with all
National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.
In order to achieve confirmation of compliance with the National Standards,
community foundations must undergo an extensive review of their organizational
and financial policies and procedures. The review is performed by trained,
experienced community foundation practitioners.
"Adopting and adhering to high standards is the best way we can demonstrate our
ongoing commitment to maintaining the trust of our donors and the entire
community,” said, Doug Wilson, President, Community Foundation.  “We are honored
to have our efforts recognized by the Council on Foundations.” 
About the Council on Foundations:  The Council on Foundations and leaders of the
community foundation field created National Standards in 2000 to aid community
foundations in establishing legal, ethical and effective operational practices
that would show the foundations’ transparency and financial responsibility in
light of the increased public scrutiny of foundation practices.
Intended both as a blueprint for
internal organizational development and as a tangible set of benchmarks for
external assessment of performance, the 43 National Standards address six key
areas of community foundation operations:
  • Mission, Structure and Governance
  • Resource Development
  • Stewardship
    and Accountability
  • Grantmaking and Community Leadership
  • Donor Relations
  • Communications
The Council on Foundations is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit membership
association of more than 2,000 grantmaking foundations and corporations. The
Council provides the opportunity, leadership and tools needed by philanthropic
organizations to expand, enhance and sustain their ability to advance the
common good. For more information on the Council, visit its website at