Endow Maryland


Endow Maryland Tax Credit Can Help You Do More Good for the Lower Eastern Shore


The new Endow Maryland state tax credit will reward donors who help build permanent charitable funds for local communities across the state and right here on the Lower Eastern Shore.  Starting January 1, 2015, Endow Maryland offers a tax credit for gifts to qualified endowment funds at Maryland community foundations.

Your Community Foundation will maximize the impact of the Endow Maryland tax credit by focusing on those funds which support the most urgent needs in the community and provide maximum flexibility over time.  Making a gift of  at least $500 to an existing Community Needs Fund or by establishing a new endowed Community Needs Fund with a $10,000 gift at CFES may qualify you for a 25% tax credit on your 2015 Maryland state tax return.

Endow Maryland provides an incentive for Marylanders to give back to their local communities in a meaningful and lasting way.

To find out how you can make a gift to the Community Foundation and qualify for an Endow Maryland tax credit, please contact  Erica Joseph or BJ Summers or call 410-742-9911.  You may also view an CFES Endow Maryland Fact Sheet.

Endow Maryland tax credit helps donors do more good on the Lower Eastern Shore.  To find out how the Maryland state tax credit can benefit you, try our Endow MD Tax Credit Calculator!

This information is general in nature and is not intended to provide accounting advice.  Please consult your tax advisor regarding your specific situation.