The Women’s Fund – Donors

Becoming a member of the Women’s Fund of the Eastern Shore gives you the satisfaction of making a difference in your community and provides social and networking opportunities through this dynamic group. Anyone can make a contribution to  the Women’s Fund at any time.  Individuals, couples, families, groups, and businesses have joined together. You can make a gift in memory or in honor of a special woman in your life who has inspired you, or a young lady you wish to inspire. Every dollar stays on the Lower Eastern Shore.

Individuals who donate $1,000 or more – or make a 5 year pledge – will be considered Visionaries.

Current Donors


Debbie Abbott
Joanna Abercrombie
Anne Almand
Debbi Anderson and Shawna Anderson
Jean M. Andrew
Page Insley-Austin
Gilsberta Ayala
Wilma Azar
Linda Balfany In Memory of Alden Balfany
Kathy Barr
Ruth Gilmore Beattie In Memory of Mary E. Gilmore
Karen Bell
Regina Bell
Mellinda Brandon
Cheryl H. Brenner
Pamela Brodine
Dawn Brown
Rose Brous
Amy Burbage
Mary Carozza
Melodie Carter
Jacqueline Cassidy
Sharon Clark
Anne Collins
Billie Cooley
Jane Corcoran
Lindsey Correa
Darlene Cole-Culver

Judy Cupas
Alexis Dashield
Diane Davis
Joan Davis
Sarah DelliGatti
Cecelia Dennis
Diana Dickey
Phyllis Dryden
Marjorie Duer
Gamee Elliott
Carolyn Elmore
Patty Engberg
Dr. Janet Dudley-Eshbach
Robin Evans
Michelle Fager
Kim Finger
Sandy Fitzgerald-Angello
Jacqueline Fowler
Dr. Mary Fleury
Julia Gardner In Memory of Barbara Long
Anne Duer Gee
Smaro George
Gladys Goslee
Martha Graham
Sharon Grinestaff
Linda Guerrieri
Katherine Harting
Daphne Hayman
F. Holly Hearne
Diane Heron
Beth Hershey In Memory of Jane M. Hershey and Helen D. Wallis
Fifi Hiotis-Blackburn
Cynthia Holloway
Robin Holloway
Erin S. Anderson Holt
Donna Hoy
Connie Hopper-Ward
Betsy Hughes
Michele Hughes
Linda Hutchinson
Patricia Ilczuk-Lavanceau
Dr. Carolyn Johnston
Ruth P. Jones
Erica Joseph
Kathy Kiernan
Liz Layton
Karen Lischick
Ginnie Malone
Dee Marshall
Jane Massey
Diane McGraw In honor of the Friends of the Worcester County Commission for Women
Hala McIver
Kathleen McLain
Angela McLaughlin In Memory of Barbara Long
Maureen McNeill In Memory of Monnie Finnegan Heisse and Bob Heisse
Susan Megargee
Carroll Mitchell
Karen Moore
Hope Morgan
Paula Morris
Joan Herbert Mulvanny In Honor of Mary Burns Herbert
Dr. Peggy Naleppa
Marilyn Neat
Gail Nelson
Mary L.M. Nelson
Melody Nelson
Leslie Nixon
Susan North
Pamela Ollinger
Ann Parker
Susan Peacock
Jan Perdue
Mitzi Perdue
Tina Perrotta
Lynne Peverley
PKS and Company CPAs
Richard Polin
Maggie Porter
Susan Purnell
Nancy Reddish
Marlene Porter Rinnier
Tracy Lynn Ritter
Sally Rivello
Marion Robinette
Emilie Robinson
Carol Rose
Janet Scott
Samantha Scott
Jane Morris Seagraves
Marilyn Seidel
Charlotte Sharf
Jean M. Smith
Kennedy Nelson Soper
Heather Stansbury
Pat Stein
Renee Stephens
Sharon Stoltzfus
Constance H. Strott
BJ Summers
Lauren Taylor
Barrie Tilghman
Pattie A. Tingle
Charlotte Trice
Beth Truitt
Dottie Turner
Jane Vickers In memory of Sarah Vickers
Phyllis A. Vinyard
Kathryn Washburn
Stacey Weisner
Dr. Debra Welsh
Joan Wharton
Barbara Whitehead
Wicomico County Garden Club
Gayle Widdowson In Memory of Ginny Korff
Stephanie Willey
Patty Wilson
Betty Wootten
Julius and Linda Zant In Memory of Barbara Raab
Susanne Zilberfarb


Barbara Benton
Mr. Scott Bogue in memory of Shirley W. Reeves
Carolyn Brooks
Marie Cavallaro
Veronique Diriker
Jacqueline Gast
Peggy Genvert
Linda Hyland
Susan Jackson-Stein
Jeanne Maass
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McHugh in honor of Kathy Kiernan’s Birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Nelson in honor of Kathy Kiernan’s Birthday
Michael Payne in honor of Kathy Kiernan’s Birthday
Nancy Robinson
Dawn Stern
Anne Twining

Last Updated 4/4/14